SITEM realizes travertine mosaics suitable to cover your surfaces both indoors and outdoors, thanks to the excellent technical characteristics of stones.You can choose a lot of types of mosaics: Barra, Rombi, Misto. To obtain a geometric decorative effect you can also use vertical bands of two-colored strips, also consist of several pieces, including their size and finish. While a uniform surface, although with different pieces, is obtained with the same thickness tiles

Embellish your home with trvertine mosaics

The mosaic is suitable for any room of the house: the bathroom, the kitchen, but also for large flooring or night environments. In the kitchen the mosaic protects the wall behind the work area and introduces a decorative element in the environment, helping to give a personal touch. It can cover an entire wall in the bathroom, but also be used as inserts to decorate only one part: the result is always of great aesthetic impact, elegance and refinement. It will be the inspiration of the designers to create the right combination of normal tiles and mosaics in various forms, using colors, types and quantity.

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