Stairs in travertine

If you have a house or an apartment in two or more floors, the elements that you have to choose with care and attention are the stairs. The stairs, in fact, occupy a large area of ​​your home and will be very visible, which is why you have to choose coatings to suit the style of your home.

The timeless appeal of travertine stairs

Often we do not think of the importance of the stairs because you already bought houses with stairs indoor present; when, however, you decide to restructure or, for security reasons, you are forced to rebuild this part of the house, then you realize the great variety of materials and finishes and how difficult it is to choose the most suitable to our house. SITEM realizes stairs travertine timeless and eternal charm. Browse our gallery.

The right balance between luxury and practicality

The floors and the travertine coatings do not go out of style rather acquire value over time,they are easy to clean and they can adapt to any style of decor, from classic to rustic, to minimal due to the unique characteristics and nuances veins. Embellish environments with that charm that only a matter of great value evokes managing to make unique and elegant our house.