In artistic ceramic and porcelain stoneware with multiple effects, but also in acrylic and natural stone or wood, but also inspired brick, porous and rough, or lapped, smooth and glossy: the tiles suitable for the kitchen come in a thousand variations for be at your best in any home, from the most minimal to the most eclectic. Various technical characteristics must be possessed, such as durability, ease of cleaning and resistance, being an environment with high risk of wear due to its massive use. Work handcrafted and the object of study and stylistic research, but also graphically developed through digital decoration, the tiles for the kitchen are an important element to give personality to the spaces.

“Worked by hand and object of study and stylistic research, the kitchen tiles are an important element to give personality to the spaces”


The kitchen tiles that cover the wall can be chosen in many ways: colored or neutral colors, if you want them to go unnoticed. All however, they are used to keep the wall clean. In fact this is the area where you cook, where you wash the dishes, where it gets more dirty. It is therefore advisable to have behind these appliances a surface that is easy to clean. With tiles, simply wipe with a damp cloth or wet the surface with detergent first and then rinse to get a clean and sanitized wall.


A classic of kitchen tiles is the white and gray coating. Generally these are fairly neutral colors, they are suitable for almost all kitchens and the predominant colors in a kitchen. If the kitchen is modern and has, for example, a steel or gray and white marble top, or is completely white, this tile choice will give the kitchen a sophisticated and modern touch. These strip tiles are made of glass and therefore create a beautiful light in the environment. Very cool.