Windows sills

SITEM realizes travertine window sills suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, thanks to the excellent technical characteristics of our stones. To define the most appropriate solution to each individual need, it is necessary to consider the shape, the size of the window (or door) and the colors of the furniture in order to thus adapt the color, finish, and the thickness of the marble. You can also beautify the jambs with the same type of travertine used for the threshold.

See size and all finishes of travertine sills

The sills and thresholds for windows and doors-windows are custom made and designed according to the aesthetics of the context in which are built. We provide our expertise to advise the solution that best suits your needs. Contact Us!

The right balance between luxury and praticality

The floors and the travertine coatings do not go out of style rather acquire value over time they are easy to clean and they can adapt to any style of decor, from classic to rustic, to minimal due to the unique characteristics and nuances veins. Embellish environments with that charm that only a matter of great value evokes managing to make unique and elegant our house.